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CMD Live Holdem Rules

All results in the game follow the basic rules of Texas Hold'em.

Rule 1) Betting rule: If a user folds 3 times in a row due to timeout during the game, he or she will be kicked out.

Rule 2) Users are responsible for disconnection due to individual Internet line conditions.

Rule 3) If a specific user is disconnected during the game and the game is no longer possible, the bet amount is returned only to the users who participated in betting based on the time the connection was disconnected, except for the user who was disconnected.

However, priority is given to progressing the game, but only if it is no longer possible to proceed.

Rule 4) If a person accesses a game with two or more accounts and is caught playing the game, the game money is confiscated and access is blocked without warning.

Rule 5) In the case below, the game is canceled regardless of the user's card, and in this case, all bets are returned and treated as free.

< If you cancel the game >

In case the game is unavoidably canceled due to the dealer's mistake or system error.

dealer mistake 1) Two or more cards are opened in the initial dealing.
2) When the first card is dealt to the wrong place.
3) When the deal is dealt to a position that does not deserve the hand.
4) If the deal was not done in the correct hand.

Cancellation due to system error 1) When the scan is wrong.
2) When the card is not dealt to the user displayed on the screen.

In all situations related to game progress, on-site judgment is the top priority, and we do not receive objections from users in this regard.

In relation to the use of the company's services, the company does not take any responsibility for any losses incurred by members that are not caused by reasons attributable to the company.

CMD Live Holdem guide

A CMD Live Holdem game starts when two or more players enter. Please read the usage guide below and use it.

< Network error due to Internet environment >

1) The company provides a smooth Internet environment. However, if the game does not proceed smoothly due to natural disasters, the game may be canceled at the discretion of the administrator. In this case, only the users who are participating in betting based on the point of cancellation of the game will return the bet amount equally and it will be invalidated.

The company is exempted from responsibility for providing services if it is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure.

2) In some areas where the network environment is not good, it may be automatically folded, and even if you have placed a call/race bet, it may be automatically folded/checked due to slow processing speed. In this regard, the company does not compensate for the network environment, so please play the game in a smooth PC environment as much as possible.

3) When the connection is disconnected due to individual Internet line conditions, the responsibility lies with the user.

4) The company is exempted from responsibility if service inspection is unavoidable or notified in advance.

5) The company is not responsible for any obstacles in using the service due to reasons attributable to members or third parties.

6) The company is not responsible for the loss of profits expected by the member while using the service, and is not responsible for damages caused by data obtained through the service.

< Changes in game money due to system errors >

1) If a user's game money is reduced or increased due to a system error, the customer center can check the user's betting history and can arbitrarily change the amount of increase or subtraction caused by the error.

2) Upon a user's request for confirmation, the customer center will explain to the customer about the increase or decrease of the betting details.

If cheating is suspected, withdrawal is not possible for up to 48 hours after sending the data to the game company headquarters until you receive an answer, so please make normal bets.

In the case of failures such as response delays, timeouts, and card result errors during the game, a hit exception is applied.
In the case of CMD Live Holdem, intermittent disconnection and idling may partially occur on the network because the head office is located overseas. Please note that the head office is not responsible for this.

If you have any questions, please contact us at MyPage > Inquiry.